"Steve Fearson is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of working with. His ideas are fresh and original."
- David Copperfield -

Fearson's Floating Cigarette The Final Word in Close-up Levitation

A cigarette floats from hand to hand before dropping down near the floor and finally rising all the way up to your mouth for a fantastic finish to an incredible effect!

The Source For Invisible Thread

Steve Fearson reveals one of magic's most closely guarded levitation secrets.. The secret of where Invisible thread comes from!

AREA 51 The Ultimate Flying Light

Join Steve Fearson as he performs and explains his Floating Cigarette levitation for the first time on video and then launches the art of levitation into the 21st century with Area 51, the Ultimate Flying Light!

Learn to Levitate With Fearson's Box

Step into Fearson's Box and take hold of the controls. Your audience will be amazed as you float upwards with no visible means of support!

EasyFloat Deck A No-Frills Card Levitation

A selected card levitates freely above the deck! You can wave your hand over and around the card, and even wave another card under it, proving no support!

ThumbThing Make Your Own Finger Chopper

Your thumb is stuck through a hole in two red cards which are stapled face to face. A BLUE card is pushed between the two red cards, and it passes right through your thumb!

Insertion An Impossible Penetration

You cause a card case to melt through a spectators signed card! After the case has melted halfway through you actually OPEN THE BOX and let them look inside!

Magician's Levitation The Perfect Levitation for Street Magic

Imagine being able to levitate a playing card at any time. How about a borrowed dollar bill or even a borrowed credit card?

Vanishing Card Box Illusion Now You See it, Now You Don't

You use the fan of cards to wave goodbye to the card box and the box responds by vanishing completely!

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ONLY $49.99
You save almost $80!